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RF/Microwave Harware

Passive Waveguide & Coaxial Components

  • Transmit-Reject and Receive-Reject Filters
  • Low-Pass and Harmonics Reject Filters
  • Interference Reject Filters
  • Intermodulation Reject Filters
  • Band-Reject and Notch Filters
  • Customized Filters
  • Ancillary Passive Components

RF Design Software

  • Rectangular Waveguide Filters and Connections
  • Evanescent-Mode Filters and Assemblies

  • Founded in 2007
  • Headquartered in Canada
  • Privately held and supported
  • In the recent past we have worked with Tier 1 Customers
  • Our IP portfolio includes patents issued and filed in microwave filter design
  • Passive Components and Subsystems Design
  • RF/Microwave Design support,Signal Integrity & Product Integrity on Analogue & Digital front ends
  • Technology Consulting & Systems Engineering
  • Wireless Technology Development
  • Telecom Software Development

  • Contact Us:
  • R&D Headquarters
  • P.O Box 24059 Kanata
  • Fax:613-287-0638
  • IoT
High Performance RF/Microwave Filters and Components for Communication Systems.
ASI_Connect",the only free multi-task design tool online. "ASI_Connect" runs on Internet Explorer with no installation, registration, updates and other processes harmful for your PC. It runs faster than popular FEM based RF simulation tools and it is still applicable to wide class of waveguide filters .

Design Your Filter Online and We Build it for You
"ASI_Connect" is a conceptual design tool, perfect for preliminary designing, proposals, performance evaluation, etc. If you designed a waveguide filter using "ASI_Connect", send us the design file. We will take care about the rest (validation, interfacing, mechanical design, fabrication, finishing, tuning, testing) and ship it to you as complete product.

Design Your Filter Online and Make it Yourself
Experienced designers can use "ASI_Connect" for practical designing with release of dimensions to fabrication. To do so, however, prior to releasing dimensions to a machine shop, the designers are insistently adviced to perform take the following precausion steps:

  • Perform sensitivity analysis by applying production tolerances to the design dimensions
  • Perform software accuracy analysis by using different software and comparing simulation results
  • Make necessary adjustments to the design dimensions to compensate production and software inaccuracy (if needed)
  • Consider tuning elements (if needed)
See Free Models and Design Examples
"ASI_Connect" is provided with filter models pre-designed for some SATCOM applications. Some of the models are complete designs and some are proposed concepts.
Two Filters Cascade Spur Calculator
Mismatch spikes are typical spurious responses occuring in filter assemblies. The spur is usually caused by standing wave in transmission lines connecting reflective devices (usually rejective filters)
Waffle Iron Filter: In-band and Out-of-Band Spurs
Technical note explaining nature of spurious responses of waffle-iron filters.
MathCAD program code and file.
Filter2                                 Filter2
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