High Performance RF/Microwave Filters and Components for Communication Systems.
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Typical Value
Center Frequency (Fc), MHz
Optional: Fc could be set between 2600 MHz to 3000 MHz
Insertion Loss, dB

Pass-Band Insertion Loss var @ GHz
0.8 dB

Insertion Loss Stability over Temperature, dBpp

Pass-Band Return Loss, dB
16 dB

Group Delay Variation, ns-pp

Min Rejection, dB
From DC to (Fc - BW)
From (Fc + BW) to 5000 MHz
1.25 x 1.53 x 2.34
Weight: <210gm
Temperature, C
-20 to +60

S-band Wideband Bandpass Filter ASI-1400 Series

This compact coax filter suitable for size-constrained applications. The filter band width is 200 MHz pass-band centerted at 2.8GHz while offering low insertion losss. The filter has a ultra wide pass-band covering frequencies from 2.7GHz to 2.9GHz and provides greater than 65dB of rejection between frequencies less than 2.6 GHz and greater than 3.3 GHz.

Performance Summary