High Performance RF/Microwave Filters and Components for Communication Systems.
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Typical Value
Pass-Band, GHz
3.6 - 4.2

Insertion Loss, dB
Less than 0.15

Insertion Loss (Gain) Flatness, dBpp
Less than 0.03

Insertion Loss (Gain) Stability, dBpp

Return Loss, dB
More than 24

Group Delay Variation, nspp
Less than 1.1

Rejection, dB
Below 2.75 GHz
2.75-3.0 GHz
4.70-19.0 GHz
5.0-9.0 GHz
10.25-15.5 GHz
More than 80
More than 60
More than 50
More than 100
More than 100
All spurious modes
Dimensions, inch
3.16 x 2.00 x 14.50
CMR Cover Flange
Temperature, C
-20 to +70

C-Band WR-229 Harmonic Reject Filter with Extended Stop-Band

This waveguide low-pass filter provides extremely wide-band harmonic rejection with stop-band spreading from C-band to lower Ka-band with no spurious responses for any application.

Performance Summary